Working with Aqumen is a good decision. You are important to us. We invest in you before you start work, to ensure that we understand your needs and your constraints. We ensure that it is the type of work that you want and that you are equipped with the site specific skills, training and PPE to do the job effectively and safely. We support you when you are at work. You can always contact an Aqumen Account Manager. Welcome to Aqumen.


We have worked with Aqumen for the last 15 years and embedded this as our sole supply route for temporary and full time employee's. They flex to our demands and I have number of my contacts in larger organisations using the labour provision skill set from Aqumen. All feedback on the improved level of service they receive from Aqumen...

European Operations Director - FMCG

I have worked with more than five different recruitment agencies in Wakefield and around West Yorkshire over the past 5 - 6 years ... To recruitment agencies, temporary staff are just machines for work. All they care about is someone making money for them. However, my experience working with Aqumen recruitment agency in the past 7 months was totally different.

Warehouse Worker - West Yorkshire

I know they make money like other agencies, but the difference is they treat you like a HUMAN BEING and not an instrument of work. They have respect for your family life ... unlike other agencies, who when you have a family emergency, they insist you go and work, and when you cannot, they cut your shift totally and stop calling you. But Aqumen WILL COVER YOUR SHIFT and still send a text message to confirm if you are fit to return to work on your normal shift pattern.

Production Operative - South Yorkshire

Most agencies I have worked with, when you have a situation at work with the permanent staff of that company, they come hard on you without caring of you are in the wrong or not. With Aqumen, they actually deal with the issue in a way you won't feel you are being prejudged on account of you are just a temp.

Logistics Worker - West Yorkshire

Since 2007 Aqumen has continually proved its ability to deliver an excellent and agile service in a rapidly changing environment. Their staff are punctual and flexible and importantly they are fully integrated with our permanent staff working together as one team.

Head of Production - Chemicals

Since 2005 Aqumen has been our sole Agency provider and has continually provided us with a lower cost service, increasing the skills of each individual provided.

European Ops Director - FMCG

When I want great people I call Aqumen!

CEO - Financial Services

I'd like to thank you for all the support you have given me. You have always been honest and straight with me. If I have needed to speak to you, you have always returned my calls if I couldn't get through. If I've had a problem you have given me advice. If there's been a need for you on site you have been there no matter what the shift pattern. You have always been polite and supportive. I couldn't be more grateful I joined your agency.

Production Operative - West Yorkshire

I have used the services of Aqumen on a number of occasions recently and I found myself looking for work in September, I approached Aqumen Recruitment to see if they had any work at all as I had my FLT Licence and I was prepared to travel because of my own transport. Walking into the office on the off-chance. Thanks to Aqumen Recruitment I am now in full time work and it's all thanks to the agency. A big thank you to Aqumen.

FLT Drive - Humberside

I am pleased to say that Aqumen selects candidates with diligence and have been a pleasure to work with. They have consistently provided quality candidates over quantity, and cover geographical locations that other agencies find hard to match.

HR Manager - National Sales