We recognise that every Client has individual needs and each Assignment is different. All Aqumen Temporary Assignments are designed around the specific needs of the Client allowing us to tailor a cost effective recruitment solution which support your business journey, returns your managers time and helps you realise hidden potential. Every Agency Worker supplied by Aqumen speaks English and is rigorously selected using a combination of face to face interviewing, and comprehensive testing in numeracy, literacy, visual accuracy and comprehension. Switching to Aqumen is easy thanks to our Customer Engagement process which ensures business continuity without disruption.



Great temporary recruitment is all about being connected to a quality labour pool of effective workers who are available on demand. Aqumen Clients benefit from a bespoke and managed labour pool of workers recruited specifically for their sites. The size of the available labour pool is managed daily so that it is always larger than forecast demand allowing us to respond effectively to un-forecast increases in labour requirements. We employ a system of standby workers to cover un-planned absence, workers who are on call and available to come in to work at any time during the first hour of every shift. We are on call 24/7 so we are always working for you.


We take care of the detail so that you don’t have to. Aqumen takes the time to invest in your business at the beginning of each and every new project. In depth discovery, market insight, extensive planning and simple communication means that every temporary assignment we handle is built around a clearly defined process with deadlines allowing Hiring Managers and Agency Workers to manage all expectations. Once the contract is live we hold regular operational reviews to measure effectiveness and stay close to the demands of the Client Objectives and business journey.


Our workers are the key to our success; our rigorous selection methodology and pastoral worker management give us market leading worker retention rates. Aqumen Clients benefit from an integrated Agency Worker Training Matrix specific to their site. Workers follow a defined training framework and work to clearly communicated and measured KPI’s. We support our workers in planning for success. Every Aqumen Worker is provided with a site specific Candidate Briefing Pack which details the nature of the Client’s business, the requirements of the work on assignment, what success at work looks like, the KPI’s and the Client’s expectations. We are advocates for Lean and have developed and now deploy Lean assessment technologies on a global platform.


Aqumen invests time and resource to ensure that we keep abreast of regulatory change and compliance. We have our own in house Compliance Department recruited from Industry which works closely with Client Health and Safety and Quality advocates, staying abreast of the changes in requirement in their organisations. Our Compliance Director consults and advises on Compliance at a national level. We embrace membership of organisations which provide world class training and subject us to stringent audits. Our state of the art recruitment technologies ensure that no detail goes unchecked and Aqumen clients benefit from instant access to all compliance and audit documentation, worker training and induction records, worker time and attendance and right to work documents.


Changing your labour provider can be daunting. Aqumen brings years of learning and experience to this task. The process we use is designed to foster a culture of respect and discretion for all stakeholders from the beginning. We achieve this by understanding your needs, respecting your constraints and telling you the truth at every stage of the process. Switching to Aqumen is a tried and tested methodology designed to deliver time and cost savings and minimal business disruption.