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We understand that every person and every company is unique and constantly evolving….

At Aqumen we are proud of our cost-effective, resilient and transparent recruitment resourcing capabilities. Before starting any new assignment, we invest the time, research and resource to ensure we understand your recruitment needs in context.


Experts at understanding the brief, we work to enhance your employer brand and deliver seamless access to your talent markets,  acquiring suitable candidates with the desired skills, attitudes and behaviours that make them capable of getting a permanent job with you, be they temporary workers or permanent candidates.


Hires which reflect your values and help Yorkshire Grow.


Recruitment capability, creativity, innovation and sector expertise are the keystones of our success.


What we all have in common is the desire for fulfilment, knowing that our abilities and talents and are being fully utilised and positively recognised.

Our Values

Our guiding principles. Our fundamental beliefs. Our call to action.

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A family of recruitment experts since 1999

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If you are experiencing any difficulties reading or understanding any of the content on this page please telephone us on 01977 515626. A member of our team is on hand to talk you through its content and support you in connecting with us for work, for support with job applications, for information about the jobs we have today. We look  forward to speaking to you.