The benefits of hiring your warehousing team through an agency

If you struggle to hire the people you need, it could be time for a new approach. If you’ve ever considered hiring your warehousing team through an agency, here are just a few of the many reasons to take the plunge…

Fill temporary and seasonal roles quickly and easy

It can be expensive and time-consuming to fill short-term or seasonal roles, especially when the payoff is so limited. If you only need new people for a number of weeks or months, why go to the hassle of a lengthy recruitment campaign? This kind of temporary role is what warehouse temp and recruitment agencies were made for. Simply tell them what and who you need, and your vacancies can be filled within a matter of days. 

Respond to spikes in demand

Having a particularly busy period, or predicting one? It can be hugely stressful trying to meet demand and fill positions at the last minute. Using agency staff can help you handle everything that may come your way, providing experienced candidates who are ready to get stuck in right away. You never have to turn down work, and you can make the most of every planned and unexpected busy period that comes your way. 

Advertising, screening and interviewing all handled on your behalf

Recruitment can be a lengthy, complicated and multi-stage process. In short, it’s a time drain. It also requires skill and experience, and the right connections in the job market. Without this expertise, you could end up with the wrong people in post – which of course means more time and money spent finding a replacement if it doesn’t work out. 

A recruitment agency can handle every part of the recruitment process for you. They can even make it quicker and more efficient. This includes advertising roles, screening and interviewing candidates, and all the paperwork. You’ll still have fill control, but you can spend most of your time focusing on running your business. 

Cost effectiveness

If you could save time on recruitment and fill warehouse roles quicker, you’re bound to save money. Of course, temp and recruitment agencies come with fees. But if you weigh these up against all the legwork, headaches and cost involved with recruitment, your business is likely to come out on top. 

What’s more, there may even be the opportunity to save on providing paid holidays and other benefits – as these are often covered by the temp agency. 

Potential to find new full-time talent

You never know, your perfect new full-time employee could be discovered during a temporary role. Think of it as a trial run, where both employee and company get to know each other better. You could even find a leader of the future, the pivotal and innovative person who drives your operation forward. 

Need help finding experienced warehousing staff, or filling short-term roles quickly? Get in touch with the recruitment expert at Aqumen Recruitment – we can’t wait to hear from you.  

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