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UK Manufacturers Predict Recruitment Challenges 

New research has revealed that just over a third of manufacturers in the UK believe that recruiting new talent is currently one of the biggest challenges they are facing.   A total of 34% of UK manufacturers cited hiring talent as … Read More

How to Keep Your Staff Happy During Busy Periods 

Managing your staff well during a particularly busy period is especially important for maintaining morale and motivation. Whether it is a seasonal rush or an industry trend, managers need to ensure nobody is being overworked or stressing unduly.   It is … Read More

Massive Solar Power Investment by Packaging Manufacturer

The Leeds-based packaging manufacturer LVF Packaging recently made new investments into solar power at the company’s headquarters. Having previously invested in the firm’s first solar power panels nearly a decade ago, LVF Packaging has now installed an additional 670 new … Read More

5 Tips to Reduce Your Time to Hire

A successful recruitment process should always aim to reduce the time to hire wherever possible. The various stages of Identifying, screening, interviewing, hiring and onboarding can take up far too much time if the hiring process is inefficient. To help … Read More

Top Tips to Retain Temporary Workers

Temporary workers are important in many different sectors, but especially so in manufacturing and industry. They fill necessary positions for specific periods of time and enable a company to grow without a prohibitive commitment to permanent hires. Training new temporary … Read More

Manufacturing Jobs Growth in Yorkshire and Humber

A new report has revealed that there has been substantial growth in the number of people employed in the manufacturing sector in Yorkshire and the Humber. The report was published by manufacturers’ association Make UK in partnership with accountancy and … Read More

Manufacturing Onboarding: Aqumen Recruitment’s Guide to Success

Like many other sectors, the manufacturing industry has faced a lot of challenges over the last few years. There was a lot of post-pandemic job losses as well as the ongoing skills gap, partly caused by the Baby Boomer generation … Read More

Addressing UK Manufacturing Challenges Through Targeted Recruitment – Aqumen Recruitment’s Solution Approach

The manufacturing industry in the UK is facing a period of profound change, grappling with a range of complex issues that present significant challenges but also unprecedented opportunities. This white paper seeks to address three of the main issues currently … Read More

Employer Brand Building Tips for Warehouse and Logistics

Building an employer brand that markets your business as a desirable place to work is one of the best modern ways in which companies are evolving their talent acquisition strategies. But it is not just about making sure you recruit … Read More

How to Make Warehouse and Logistics Sustainable

Making a warehouse and logistics company sustainable can be broken down into three types of practices, all of which require a little investment for a big return. These practices include increasing energy efficiency, implementing automation, and workflow optimisation, so let’s … Read More