Impact Handling launches game-changing electric forklifts 

The premium material handling specialist Impact Handling has launched a new range of all-electric forklift trucks. This new range presents a serious challenger to the traditional diesel-powered forklift, offering advantages and eco benefits across the board.  

The EP40-55(C)N(H) range includes six models, from 4.0 through to 5.5 tonnes. They match the power, agility and flexibility of the tried-and-tested diesel forklift, but while emitting zero pollution. This could be a game-changer for the warehousing and distribution sector, which is pushing hard to drive down carbon emissions. 

Impact Handling’s major accounts manager Mark Murray commented on the launch of the new electric range, telling Warehouse News: 

“The new range really does present the most powerful case yet for moving from diesel to electric power. For many applications, its elevated performance and ability to operate seamlessly both outdoors and in, even in heavy weather conditions, will be hard to ignore.” 

Key features 

The new Cat Lift Forklifts from Impact offer a raft of impressive features, beyond their sustainability credentials. These include: 

  • Weather protection for indoor and outdoor use – most major components including the traction motors have IP54 ratings. 
  • Lithium-ion batteries with smart battery management technology – with an easy access battery compartment for quick on-truck servicing. 
  • Fast charging through quick-connect access points. 
  • Automatic ventilation (in lead-acid optioned machines). 

The driver experience 

Apart from its reduced carbon footprint, there are other features in the design of the EP40-55(C)N(H) range which set it apart from its diesel counterparts.  

The first is the driver experience, which has been improved through a carefully designed ergonomic environment. Each vehicle is already generously equipped, but there are also options to add extra comforts such as air conditioning, heating or directed ventilation – depending on the conditions and the working environment.  

The new Impact Handling electric forklift trucks also promise a faster, smoother and more agile drive. They have exceptional agility according to the manufacturer, which gives them the feeling of a much smaller vehicle. There’s a full range of impressive driving aids built into the design, including: 

  • Cat Responsive Drive System (RDS) – which adapts and reacts to driver behaviour, ensuring smooth movement (along with stops and starts).  
  • Intelligent curve control – which automatically adjusts speed and minimises side forces to ensure smooth, safe cornering.  
  • PowerBurst feature – this provides a burst of extra acceleration (or climbing torque in slippery conditions) when needed 
  • Onboard hydraulic technologies such as SmoothFlow – these systems optimise mast and fork movements to make materials handling faster, safer and more precise. 
  • OmniTurn all-wheel steering – offering unbeatable manoeuvrability, smoother turns and better grip on a range of surfaces.  
  • 100°+ rear turning axle – to allow instant side turns, without the need to reverse first.  

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