Ranpak launches sustainable retail packaging solutions in response to consumer demand 

Packaging specialist Ranpak Holdings Corp. has launched a new range of ‘Pack-in-Store’ solutions for retailers, to help meet consumer demand for more sustainable packaging.  

The US-based firm, which specialises in environmentally sustainable, paper-based packaging, is rolling out its new range across European, Middle Eastern and African (EMEA) markets. 

Ranpak is responding to shifts in consumer behaviour, particularly in relation to the rising demand for sustainability in packaging and processes from retailers. Single-use plastic is a major bugbear, leaving retailers are in need of biodegradable or recyclable alternatives that can still deliver a fast, efficient in-store shopping experience.  

Ranpak’s Marketing Director for EMEA, Luc Smeets, explained to Warehouse News how its Pack-in-Store solutions are addressing this challenge: 

“Customers buying in-store want fast and efficient packaging, and they also want to see 100% sustainable and bio-degradable packaging solutions provided from behind the counter. On the retailers’ side, it’s important to avoid having to accommodate multiple packaging types that take up valuable store space. Our new Pack-in-Store solutions resolve both of these challenges. 

“Ranpak has broad expertise across industrial and online packaging environments, and we have designed these new packaging solutions specific to retail stores. Pack-in-Store integrates easily into any retailer’s current setup, offering a solution that is cost-efficient, easy to use and with a small physical footprint. 100% paper-based protection avoids conventional plastic air bubble products, too.” 

What is Pack-in-Store?  

Pack-in-Store consists of a choice of clever, space-saving options which can easily be integrated into a retailer’s existing setup. There’s nothing too complicated about the design of each solution, but the focus is clearly on ease-of-use for the retailer.  

 It’s designed to be compact, easy to use and cost-efficient, as well as being 100% paper-based.  

Retailers can choose from: 

  • Geami Wrap ’n Go™ 

This is a simple, modular in-store wrapping dispenser with an extremely small footprint on the shop counter. The Wrap ‘n Go™ converter delivers die-cut kraft paper in a 3D honeycomb structure for optimum protection, with an optional soft tissue layer. No adhesive tape or cutting is needed, and a patented self-adjusting tensioning mechanism ensures smooth, reliable operation. 

  • Geami EX Mini 

This is a mini version of the Wrap ’n Go, designed for smaller retailer environments with simpler packaging needs. It comes in a handy dispenser box, made from robust cardboard and delivering the same easy, protective wrapping system as its larger counterpart.  

  • Geami Sheets 

Geami Sheets is even simpler in design, consisting of a small Geami box of die-cut kraft paper that can be expanded into the 3D honeycomb structured layer. Each box offers as much as 140m2 of wrapping material.  

  • FillPak Go™ 

Lastly from Ranpak, there’s FillPak Go™. Similar to a tissue dispenser box, it’s a small and simple packaging dispenser suitable for start-ups and low volume users. With such a small footprint can be integrated easily into any packaging environment.  

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