The importance of soft skills in warehousing and manufacturing: how to stand out

Applying for a new manufacturing job? If you’ve got the technical skills and experience, but so have dozens of other candidates, you’ll need to find a way to stand out from the crowd.

Showcasing certain soft skills could give you the competitive edge at interview. But what are hiring managers looking for within warehousing and manufacturing? Let’s take a look at some of the most sought-after soft skills, and how you can develop them…

Teamwork and communication

Manufacturing, engineering and warehousing are all similar in one important way – they’re all about teamwork. Each sector runs smoothly because of multiple moving parts, which all collaborate together to work towards a shared goal.

Candidates who can demonstrate their value as a team player are just what hiring managers are looking for. You’ll need to be able to showcase effective communication, with examples of where you shared knowledge and assisted team members.

Critical thinking and problem solving

At its heart, manufacturing is about solving problems. It’s about developing and making products to answer a critical need for the end user. But there are also challenges to be dealt with along the way, including unexpected technical hitches and design problems.

With critical thinking skills, you’ll be able to overcome problems by analysing situations and interpreting data. You’ll draw on your experience, work collaboratively with your colleagues and keep a calm, clear head – all to find a way through. This is exactly what will make you such a valuable member of any manufacturing team.

Detail orientation

The best manufacturing professionals are those with a keen eye for detail. Precision is essential within engineering and manufacturing processes, where even a tiny inaccuracy can cause major problems.

If you can demonstrate your detail-orientated approach within the recruitment process, you’ll tick a very important box for the hiring manager.


Can you respond quickly to unexpected challenges, and change your approach accordingly? How quickly have you been able to get to grips with new technology and processes? If a new skill is required, are you able to pick it up and hit the ground running?

Answer all of these questions well at interview, and you’ll be able to showcase your adaptability and flexibility. These are both critical soft skills needed within both manufacturing and engineering.  Employers are looking for someone who is ready to learn.


Every successful team needs a great leader, no matter what industry you work within. For certain roles within manufacturing, leadership skills are in high demand.

There are lots of different approaches to managing people effectively, and everyone has their own style. But hiring managers are looking for inspirational leaders who recognise the strengths of their team, and are able to motivate, coordinate and plan effectively.

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