What skills will you develop working in the manufacturing industry?

The manufacturing sector has plenty to offer, from competitive pay to exciting career development opportunities. But it also gives you a chance to learn whole new skill sets, which will help you as you progress along your chosen career pathway.

Best of all, there are many entry-level opportunities available within manufacturing which don’t necessarily require experience or qualifications. This means you can get started in the industry and benefit from a wealth of learning opportunities almost immediately.

Let’s take a look at some of the key skills you’ll learn when you join the manufacturing industry:

Technical and digital skills

If you’re already technically-minded, you’ll thrive in manufacturing. In many roles, you’ll learn technical skills in welding, fabrication and machining.

There are also opportunities to improve your digital fluency, along with learning key skills in coding, big data analytics and programming. Digital transformation is a major trend within the sector, and the skills you’ll learn here can also be transferred to other industries.

As you advance through your career, you may have the chance to work with state-of-the-art equipment, machinery and processes. This could eventually lead you to specialise in a certain area. For example, you could move into robotics, AI, continuous improvement processes or another technical role within the industry.

If you don’t already possess technical skills or a qualification in a STEM subject, the road to specialism will require time, dedication and hard work. You’ll need to undergo training and achieve certain qualifications, but many manufacturing employers will support you on your journey.

Attention to detail

Manufacturing requires a high level of attention to detail, across nearly all job types. Within your role, you’ll learn to improve your observation skills so you can be across everything that’s happening around you. You’ll be able to focus on the tiny details that really matter, to deliver exceptional products, processes and solutions.

Analytical thinking and problem-solving

Like a number of other sectors, manufacturing is all about solving problems. You’ll learn to be adaptable, flexible and creative in overcoming unexpected obstacles and finding solutions. Better still, you’ll be able to predict problems before they emerge, and respond proactively.

Manufacturing professionals tend to be able to think through things logically, and work through issues systematically to find resolutions.

Team working and communication

These are soft skills that hiring managers are already looking for when recruiting for manufacturing roles. But they can also be developed and improved as you progress through your career.

The ability to communicate clearly and persuasively is essential within manufacturing, as is team working. Manufacturing is a collaborative endeavour, involving a number of moving parts working towards achieving the same mission. Every person and process needs to work in harmony to deliver the required outcome.

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