Why Temporary Employment is Advantageous

There are a lot of benefits in temporary employment for both employers and employees, which is why such employment is growing in popularity throughout the UK.

Temp work provides a lot of freedom and flexibility for both parties, and it can widen the pool of potential candidates that can perform the jobs. Temporary employees can network, gain experience and even develop new skills, while employers have the workers they need for a specific period without committing to permanent hires.

But what exactly does temporary employment mean and what advantages does it offers to both employers and employees?

Temporary employment explained

Temporary employment means workers are contracted for a specific or limited period of time. Hiring temporary workers allow a company to employ extra workers to cover a busy period without continuing to employ them once the busy period subsides. Temporary workers might also be hired to help complete a particular project, with the employment terminated at the completion of the project.

There are two types of temporary employment contracts, as explained below:

  • Temporary contracts

A temporary contract is more informal and doesn’t necessarily require a contractual agreement. Such ‘contracts’ usually take the form of a one-off period of time, usually from anywhere between a single day and a few weeks. A temporary contract could also be for a specified number of hours a week until a particular task is completed.

  • Fixed-term contracts

Fixed-term contracts are rather more specific, and involve an individual being employed by a company with a contract stating the exact period of time they will be working for. While it could technically be any amount of time, fixed-term contracts usually last between one month and six months, though occasionally could last as long as a year.

Employee Benefits of Temporary Employment

The flexibility of temporary employment can be a huge benefit to many workers. It puts them in control of their career and allows them to take breaks and fit their job around the rest of the things in their life.

Working a variety of temporary jobs is also great for networking as temp workers meet lots of new people, many of whom will be potential employers in the future. A good worker will be asked for again, and a temp role may even lead to a permanent role.

Temporary employment also offers the chance to learn new skills and gain experience which can enhance a CV.

Employer Benefits of Temporary Employment

Hiring temporary workers allows employers to cover workload fluctuations, such as busy seasonal periods. Employers can also use temp workers to cover unexpected absences and short-term leave.

With finding the right cultural fit such an important part of the recruitment process these days, bringing somebody in on a temporary basis give employers the opportunity to test the waters and see how well they blend into the company work culture.

The speed at which a temporary worker can be brought in is also a massive bonus for employers, as the recruitment firm will have already conducted the necessary checks to ensure the temp hire is a competent worker.

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