Employer Brand Building Tips for Warehouse and Logistics

Building an employer brand that markets your business as a desirable place to work is one of the best modern ways in which companies are evolving their talent acquisition strategies.

But it is not just about making sure you recruit the top talent, as a strong employer brand also helps to increase employee engagement while inspiring greater company loyalty too. The American business magazine Forbes reported that: “When the experience of working for your company matches the brand promises you have made, you’ll benefit from engaged employees who turn into your greatest company advocates.”

Employer branding improves the overall perception of your business in the market by increasing employee engagement and retention, thus making the business a more attractive place to work for talent.

So how does a warehouse and logistics company build its employer brand? Here are some great tips to get started.

Be Authentic

First of all, it is absolutely essential that your branding is authentic. Be sure that the story you put out there for warehouse and logistics candidates to hear about is the actual story of working for your business. Your brand must mirror the real employee experience and there are no workarounds here.

How to be authentic: This is where employee engagement reaps the big rewards, as you can use the feedback of your current employees to help inform your brand message. You may also find that there are areas where you need to improve, so make those improvements so they can become a part of your branding.

Employee Engagement

While you are engaging with your employees to ensure authenticity, you can encourage them to become brand ambassadors and advocates. Achieve this by empowering your staff to share their positive experiences which you can then include in recruitment marketing and on your social media platforms.

How to engage employees: Always look for the positive traits and capabilities of your employees, and provide them with the means to discover and fulfil their potential. Also, seek out ways to give influence to employees, affording them authority and agency where possible. Finally, always share the company’s success as ‘our success’.

Practice Accountability

It is vital for any employer brand in warehouse and logistics that the company promotes transparency and accountability. This is one of the most proactive ways to manage a business reputation, providing you with the space to own mistakes and pivot in new and improved directions.

How to practice accountability: This immediately comes back to being authentic, as genuine authenticity won’t have anything to hide – quite the opposite, in fact. You can also use the brand advocates already on your team to generate content that showcases some of the benefits of working for your company.

Also keep in mind that you will need to constantly monitor the impact and resonance of your brand recognition from both internal and external sources. Ultimately, make sure you are promoting the right kind of content with the right kind of media to reach the right kind of audiences.

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