Top Tips to Retain Temporary Workers

Temporary workers are important in many different sectors, but especially so in manufacturing and industry. They fill necessary positions for specific periods of time and enable a company to grow without a prohibitive commitment to permanent hires.

Training new temporary workers every time they are needed though can be time-consuming. It can also be unnecessary if your business is attractive to temporary workers.

One of the best ways for a business and its temporary workers to benefit the most from each other is by maintaining an ongoing and mutually beneficial relationship. This means temporary workers return as and when needed, and will be able to hit the ground running thanks to their prior experience. There is also the possibility that a very good temporary worker could become a permanent employee if its suits both parties.

But how does a company ensure that temporary workers are happy to come back again and again, while also opening the possibility that the best temporary workers will be open to taking a full-time position? Let’s find out!

Fair Treatment of Temporary Workers

Looking after staff is one of the best ways to be an attractive company for temporary workers. And of course that means looking after the temporary staff as well. This can be especially true in seasonal industries, so make sure your company’s reputation among the workers themselves is good.

Offer Rewards and Benefits

There are numerous ways to impress temporary workers and ensure they want to return while spreading the good word about working for your firm. First of all, simple things like recognition for a good job well done go a long way. You can also offer bonuses for particular task milestones, or even for the likes of teamwork and reliability.

Inviting temporary workers to company social events is also a good idea as it will help them feel part of the team. You can also ensure the likes of mental health support is available to everyone.

Provide Proper Training

A lot of temporary workers want to learn skills during their temporary work, so providing training is a great way to improve your company’s retention of temporary workers. Do not be one of those firms that sits a temporary worker down to fulfil a repetitive task without giving them any chance to learn something useful. If such tasks need doing, then try to spread them around different workers so everybody has a chance to do something more interesting and learn a skill.

This kind of training gives your temporary workers wider ranging abilities which can allow them to fulfil  different roles and take on extra responsibilities.

Keep in Touch

Maintain some level of contact while your temporary workers while they are working elsewhere or are between jobs. Let them know you appreciate their work and keep them informed as to when they may be able to come back to work for you again.

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