5 Tips to Reduce Your Time to Hire

A successful recruitment process should always aim to reduce the time to hire wherever possible. The various stages of Identifying, screening, interviewing, hiring and onboarding can take up far too much time if the hiring process is inefficient.

To help reduce your time to hire, here are five tips for streamlining and improving your hiring process.

1. Develop a Structured Hiring Process

A lack of structure during the hiring process will significantly extend your time to hire. This is because the process needs to be organised for each and every candidate, rather than a structured process that lets you know in advance what needs to be done at each step.

Relying on a structured process like those you can experience through a specialist recruitment agency will help streamline the process, as well as identify any pain points that are slowing down your time to hire.

2. Invest in End-to-End Digitisation

Digitising your hiring platform from end to end lets you incorporate multiple solutions that reduce your time to hire. By connecting all of your tools you can track applications and candidates at every step of the process.

A complete digital recruitment tech stack should include a pre-screening testing solution and an Application Tracking System (ATS), as well as an employee onboarding solution.

3. Analyse the Right Data

Data can be useful in numerous ways, but you must examine the right kind of data to help reduce your time to hire. Ideally you want to use the data to discover how long it is currently taking you to fill a role, with breakdowns for how long it takes for a candidate to move through the various stages of the hiring process.

Also keep an eye on how your time to hire matches up with the standard time to hire in your industry.

4. Create a Pre-Screened Candidate Pipeline

You will reduce your time to hire significantly by pre-screening a pipeline of candidates for certain roles. Such a pipeline will often negate the need to even advertise some roles, as you will already have qualified candidates lined up. Don’t forget to maintain a line of communication with the candidates to keep both parties informed of the current status.

One way to get started creating this pipeline is with candidates who have recently been unsuccessful when applying for a job.

5. Improve Sourcing and Job Listings

The efficiency and effectiveness of your sourcing will have a knock-on effect on your time to hire. So fine tune your sourcing processes along with your job listings, which can also effect the time to hire by attracting the wrong candidates or putting off the good ones. Effective job descriptions will help filter out unsuitable candidates and attract the most qualified.

One of the most common areas for improvement is gender-biased wording, so make sure your job descriptions are gender-inclusive and generally inclusive on the whole.

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