How to Keep Your Staff Happy During Busy Periods 

Managing your staff well during a particularly busy period is especially important for maintaining morale and motivation. Whether it is a seasonal rush or an industry trend, managers need to ensure nobody is being overworked or stressing unduly.  

It is a fine balance that must be struck between getting the most productivity out of your team while keeping them happy. Thankfully there are some tried and trusted steps you can take ensure you keep your employees motivated during a busy period. 

First of all, let’s the get the most practical one out of the way… 

Hire Enough Staff! 

While businesses should always be looking for ways to minimise outgoings, skimping on staff numbers during busy spells should not be one of them. By keeping a team intentionally lower on numbers than the daily operations require, you run a serious risk of workers becoming overstretched and stressed out.  

Hiring temporary workers is often a good staffing solution to this issue, as they can be brought in during the busy period to reduce the burden on your permanent staff without you needing to commit to any new permanent hires. You may also discover someone who you actually do want to hire permanently. 

Preparation and Delegation  

Your experience with previous busy periods should help you prepare in advance for the next one. As demand on your workforce increases, make sure you are delegating tasks fairly and evenly so each employee is helping share the burden.  

These tasks and operations will then need to be monitored to ensure nobody is being overloaded. 

Transparency and Communication 

Take the time to explain to your workers about what to expect during the busy period. Be transparent with them about the extra workload and how you plan to handle the aforementioned preparation and delegation. Also allow your workers to provide feedback on your plans and make suggestions. 

Be sure to let them know that you will be in amongst the muck and bullets yourself, which will help you foster a positive atmosphere where you’re all in it together. 

Rewards and Incentives  

Always incentivise your staff by explaining the rewards on offer for their hard work during the busy period. Set team goals and targets that will help you achieve success through the busier period, but do make sure the rewards match the effort required to achieve them. 

Ideas for incentives include commission on sales, bonuses and workplace perks and privileges. Some businesses might also benefit from an employee of the month award, or other such scheme that celebrates individual efforts and achievements. 

Training and Development 

In the build-up to your busy period, it might be worth investing in some additional training for certain staff members. Some skills development prior to your peak period can help them manage their increased workload more efficiently and effectively. 

Helping staff improve their skill sets and abilities also demonstrates that you are invested in them personally, which will in turn raise morale and motivate them during your busiest period of the year.  

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